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Who Sells Postage Stamps? A Comprehensive Guide to Where You Can Buy Stamps

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Where to buy stamps near me? Who Sells Stamps?

Stamp collection is the most common hobby. It’s interesting and fun but it can be annoying when you don’t know how and where to buy stamps. Most of the people don’t like to go the post office and waiting in line to buy stamps. But there are many other places where to buy stamps without waiting in line at the post office. We will discuss on those place also in this article.

where to find stamps near me
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Although they have a practical use for sending letters and packages through the postal system, postage stamps also generate interest for collectors looking to expose their best specimens. The first stamps date back to the 1840s. New designs are regularly launched by the United States Postal Service and have illustrations based on different themes.

Where can i buy stamps?

So, where can i buy stamps? Need to know where to buy stamps right now? There are several places where can you buy stamps.

Following are the places where can you buy stamps easily:

1. Post Office

The most common place to buy postage stamps from the United States Post Office. Many communities and neighborhoods have a local post office that provides a variety of postal services. These include the sale of stamps, both the common to send letters and the editions for collectors. Options to buy at many post offices include individual stamps, plates and stamp rolls, first day envelopes and uncut sheets. Most of the people don’t like to go the post office and waiting in line to buy stamps but still, there are many people who depend on the United States local Post Office for buying postage stamps. They think this is the only way where to buy stamps.

2. American Postal Service

This is great way where can you buy stamps easily. Buy stamps from the American Postal Service website. You can also buy envelopes and postcards, as well as other services and mail items. On the site, you can follow the link to the mail store. See the variety of stamps available for sale, including collector and charity stamps. Choose the ones you want to buy. Pay by credit card. Debit cards are also accepted if a PIN code is not required.

3. Walmart Stores

Walmart is a reliable source where can you buy stamps because of they are present in most of the big cities or town and Walmart stores are open 24 hours a day. So you can easily buy the stamps from them and if you need the writing materials like pens, envelope, papers, and wrappers you can also buy from Walmart. They have a massive amount of stamps for sale and you don’t have to pay a penny more than the fixed price.

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4. Retail stores

Several stores have postage stamps to sell, including supermarkets and pharmacies. Pharmacies selling stamps, sound odd right? But it’s true, there are many pharmacies like Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS, and others as much as for family pharmacies which stock a variety of stamps, or play host to an automated stamp sales system. Sometimes they may upcharge you, but pharmacy stores are a reliable source when you need it urgently. You can buy the stamps from supermarkets and hypermarkets also. Sellers who offer this service usually display a United States Postal Service logo in a prominent place to show they have stamps on sale. This is a convenient way to buy stamps while making the weekly purchase.

5. Specialized online sellers

Recent innovations in the purchase of postage stamps include sellers on the web, who provide some specialized services. Several Postal Service approved vendors, such as, provide the opportunity to purchase and print postage stamps at home, using the vendor-supplied equipment. Others offer a service to produce personalized stamps with a photo or create stamps for special occasions like weddings. These are created and purchased online, and then sent to the customer’s address.

6. ATM

There are many ATMs which selling stamps as part of their service. It is a relatively new thing In some parts of our country. Sometimes, ATMs will be attached to automated postage centers or other stamp vending machines. Many banks give you the opportunity to purchase regular postage stamps through ATMs. Many people make withdrawals or deposits of cash at an ATM on a regular basis, so buying postage stamps in this way is a convenient option. ATMs operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which means you can buy postage stamps at any time.

7. Shop specialized in philately

The options for collectors interested in buying postage stamps are philately stores. They usually offer a variety of collectibles based on postage stamps and usually have a wide range of quality stamps from which to choose. Both physical and online stores provide this service.

8. Local grocery store & Gas Stations

Grocery stores always care about their customer needs and they are pretty good about fulfilling customer requests if you ask them nicely. There are also some Gas Stations which selling stamps especially outside of big cities. You can buy stamps at a local grocery store or gas station. In fact, many places sell American postage stamps with good prices as the convenience for customers. If you find out you can’t buy stamps, you can ask the grocer and Gas Stations to stock them. Remember, however, that there are no laws that regulate the prices of postage stamps. Merchants can sell stamps with a profit margin, so pay attention to the prices they charge you when you buy stamps that way.

9. Stamps by Mail

Stamps by Mail is the simple and best way If you don’t like to go the post office and waiting in line to buy stamps. Order a “Stamps by Mail” envelope for your mailman to buy stamps if you live on a mail delivery route. Postmen do not carry postage stamps and you don’t have to pay any fee for ordering stamps. Ordering stamps using this method is really easy. Put an envelope in your request for stamps and a check for the payment in your mailbox and the postman will deliver it in less than a week to your home or office for free.

10. Ebay is also a great source where to buy stamps easily. Many people buy postage stamps through legitimate catalogs to safeguard their investments and receive some sort of guarantee of authenticity. However, beginners might find it more advantageous to collect stamps online through an auction site like eBay, where bids start as low as one cent. When searching eBay, mix up your search terms such as postage stamps, stamp collections, first day of issue stamps and so on. They will provide a wide range of stamps to choose from. You can buy stamps from the comfort of your postage shipped straight to your door.

Where can you buy stamps?

Well, the very first area where to buy stamps close to you is your neighborhood post office. Below is a map you can use to discover a post:

List of places where can you buy stamps

NameOpening HoursStore Location
USPS8am – 8pmFind a Post Office Here
UPS Store8am – 9pmFind a Office Here
CVS8am – 7pmFind a CVS Office Here
Walgreens8am – 8pmFind a Walgreens Office Here
Walmart8am – 10pmFind a Walmart Office Here
Target8am – 11pmFind a Target Office Here
Staples8am – 9pmFind a Staples Office Here
Fed Ex Copy8am – 10pmFind a Fed Ex Copy Office Here


Top 25 retailers where to buy stamps

The best way to buy postage stamps

The postage stamp is proof of the prepayment of mailings in the form of a label, usually gummed, or directly printed. The seal is a small paper whose most usual shape is rectangular or square, which is posted in an envelope and indicates that the person who made the shipment paid the service and USPS (United States Postal Service) is a federal agency independent of the executive branch of the government that controls the mail service in the United States.

Postal Service of the United States of America

To send letters to the interior and outside the country, there is the postal service, an easy-to-use means of communicating with people close to you.

The United States of America (USA) offers several services at the post office and its rates are the same throughout the national territory, although it is advisable to be informed of the changes in prices.

The value of the stamp depends on the characteristics of the shipment, the place of destination, the weight or type of service used (there are regular and other services as a matter of urgency).

In the table below you will see some of these services with their respective prices in dollars.

Local mail

Mail serviceDelivery timeApproximate cost
Priority Mail
Letters, large or thick envelopes and packages.

This service is used to send documents, gifts, and merchandise that can be mailed. Envelopes and boxes are available at the post office.
One to three daysStarting at USD $ 4.95

Price according to weight and distance

There are fixed rates.
First-Class Mail

Postcards, letters, large envelopes and small packages that can be mailed. This service is used for personal and business correspondence.
One to three daysStarting at USD $ 0.44

Price according to weight and distance
Parcel Post

Packets large or small thick envelopes containing gifts or merchandise.
From two to eight daysStarting at USD $ 4.90

Price according to weight and distance
Media Mail

Small or large packages and thick envelopes containing books, manuscripts, sound recordings, videos or computer discs (recorded, not blank).
Shipments by mail service should not contain advertising.

Media Mail is generally less expensive than Parcel Post.
From two to eight daysStarting at USD $ 2.38

Price according to weight. There are certain restrictions.

You can request the calculation of the cost of your shipment by calling the phone 1800 ASK USPS or by visiting the website of They will ask for your weight, size and shape.

Institutional mail

Mail serviceDelivery timeCost
First Class International Mail

With this service, postcards and letters, as well as large envelopes and parcels can be sent from other countries to other countries.

As with national mail, you can choose the best service considering the time of delivery, cost and additional services.

For more information on international mailing options and calculating shipping costs, visit the International Delivery Services website or call 1800 ASK USPS.

At the post office, it is also possible to send international mail.
Three to five daysStarting at USD $ 0.75

Prices vary by weight and distance.

There are 36,000+ post offices in the USA which aren’t quite enough but the demand for postage stamps is decreasing day by day because of our latest technology rise faster creating more efficient electronic mailing system. The easiest ways to buy stamps have been listed in this post. Hope it will be helpful for you.

So good luck and happy buying of postage stamps.

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