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Does 711 sell stamps?

711 is a well know brand where you can easily buy your ticket, coffee, and food. You may be wondering Does 711 sell stamps?? They are selling stamp. They are a typical store that offers stamp and is open for shopping on weekends, giving you the option of buying your stamp anytime you like.

does 711 sell stamps
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In this article, we have researched all you need to know about the 711 store and few other stores that offer same products and we have provided you with a lot of options of either getting your stamp online or through the USPS.

Overview of 711 Stamp Services:

They different stamps they offer for sale are The First-Class stamps and forever stamps. They will give you a booklet stamp that contains about 20 stamps, and you can get the individual stamp from other retail shops. This store open for sales on weekends, this allows you to get your postage stamp anytime you want it. But not all the 711 stores are selling the stamp, but many of the stores do offer stamp for sales. They also franchise the stamp sales; this is why it’s necessary to inquire from your local store to know if they have a postage stamp for sale.

What Quantities of Stamps Can I purchase?

They offer different quantity for sale, and you can’t get all the amount in all locations. Some few stores will need to charge you extra for the standardized price based on the quantity of the stamp. These are the unit you can buy and their various prices:

  • The Single Stamps- This is an individual stamp that goes for $0.49. You can get them most of the times at the 711 store.
  • The coil or roll- This contains nothing less than hundred of the stamp and goes for $49. You get this type of stamps in 7 eleven stores.

Stamp sold by 7 -Eleven Sell?

They offer different stamps that are used for various mails. Some are customized and designed for some purposes.  What you need a stamp for May very which is one of the reasons we are presenting the various stamps offered by the 7-eleven stores.

  • The Forever Stamp

This type of stamp is used for a first class mails. The price of the Forever stamp is now $0.49 as of recent. You can surely get them at seven eleven stores and they, are priced are mostly charged for mailing different type of letters in the United States.

  • The First-Class Stamp

The seven eleven store is selling this kind of stamp. If you buy only one which is $0.49 it may no be enough for you to mail a letter. You are charged for using it to mail the various letter in the US. Though we have two major stamps sold at the seven eleven, their still few others to consider:

  • The Smaller Denomination Stamps

You may need this type of stamp if you need to add some postage to your envelope.  You may also need it if you are sending more than one letter. They are sold at 7 Eleven stores but you can get it online Or at the USPS. The price of this type of stamp may range from $0.001 to 0.1.

  • The Postcard Stamps

You don’t get this type of stamp in 7 eleven stores; you will need to visit your local USPS store or get them on the internet.  This cost less to mail than the denomination stamps. You can get one from the web.

  • The Special Edition Stamps

You need to visit your local store to get this one. This stamp is almost same as the price of the first class stamp.

How Many Quantities of the stamp do I Need?

The one-ounce letters mailed in the United States can be sent with the just a First Class Stamp. Any standard message that is not more than five pages will require the forever or the first-class stamp.  You could add a forever stamp of your mail if you noticed your letter I more than one ounce. This is still viable because the charge will only increase by $0.21. You will be charged $0.98 when you make use of two forever stamp for a letter that Is two-ounces. You can get your additional stamp for the various ounces in the internet or local stores. The postcard is more economical than the standard stamp. You will also be spending $0.15 more for the forever postcard.

Stores that offer same products as 711 That Sell Stamps

7-eleven offer you a postage stamp at an affordable price, but it will also be beneficial to know other stores that offer the same product in case you can’t find seven eleven stores around. The various other stores that offer same postage stamp as seven eleven stores are listed below:

Circle K

You can get 20 stamps from this store. They are open for sale on the weekends.  They are around in about 4,000 Locations in the US.


They also offer you 20 stamps. And you can get your stamp on the weekends. They have nothing less than 9000 stores around the US.


This store still offers 20 stamps and is open on the weekends. Walgreen’s has 8000 stores located around the USA.

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The typical Place you can get your Stamps are listed below:

  • Groceries stores around
  • Automated Teller Machine
  • In the Banking Hall
  • In the Pharmacies
The Final Thought: Does 711 Sell Stamps?

You can get your stamp at the various 711 stores you have around you in your neighborhood. You will be able to purchase your first class and forever stamp at most of the seven eleven stores around, and are available in books which are about 20 stamps or single ones. There is also others chain of stores just like 7 Eleven stores you can get your stamp which are CVS, Walgreen, and Walmart.  The next time you intend buying your groceries at the 711 store, you should also be aware that you can get your stamp also.

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